GÄRNA is an architecture and interior design studio that has been working on archutectural projects since 2007.

We design, reform, build and decorate spaces from their conception and initial distribution to the implementation of the very last detail.

We rejuvenate homes by turning them into the living space they are, always adjusting and choosing with the client the adequate pieces for the spaces.

Our design philosophy is guided by the need to produce high-quality buildings and decorations.

We are committed to excellence in the design and quality of our works.


We are proud of our timeless architecture designs.

We take seriously the optimization of our clients´ economic resources to carry out unique, efficient and well-maintained projects through design.

We seek that the benefit of the investment and the quality of life of our clients increase considerably with our intervention.




Decoration and interior design are a fundamental part of our projects. A building can not be understood without its interior, just as a person can not be understood without his personality.

The relationship between architecture and interior design is fundamental and, for GÄRNA, they are both complementary and a necessity.

We like to advise our clients and explain to them that architecture depends on the use, the distribution and furnishing of spaces.

That’s why the union between architecture and interior design is fundamental.


With the use of a previous analysis, in GÄRNA we créate a perfect symbiosis between what exists and what the project has been conceptualized to be.

We always respect the original carácter of the building in order to extract the máximum potential of the spaces we work with.




Architecture would not exist without the real estate sector. For an interesting project, a starting point is a must. This space can either be a building or a land property.

Our mission is to identify potential sites and work to add value to the improvements.

Due to our deep knowledge of the luxury Madrid market, we advise our clients on the location and, once the process is finished, if the client so wishes, we help them in the marketing of the final product in for its market positioning.

We also locate investments and offer our clients to revalue investment through architecture and design.


At Gärna Studio Gallery we like to maintain a close relationship with our clients.

We accompany them to fulfill their dreams with the same enthusiasm from beginning to end. The human part of each of the members of the studio makes the experience of our clients unique.

We are proud to have a highly international profile. We work in four languages: English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish; The more, we have worked in the United States, London, Italy, and Portugal.

Thus, our international experience makes our partners and foreign clients feel comfortable investing in our country.

Our clients are our pride and what makes us great!


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