Tendencias en interiorismo de viviendas 2020
As we start a new year it is essential to take into account the latest style lines that will define the design and interior design of homes this coming year. All of them are a sure bet to improve the quality of life and harmony in 2020. Do you want to be up to date with these trends? We invite you to read this summary shared by Laura Gärna, interior designer, architect and CEO of Gärna Studio. The interior designer is clear about it, “in 2020 we must eliminate the banal and opt for the singular in materials, objects, lighting and currents”.
The Constitution and the Immaculate Conception holidays begins, and with it one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the year: decorating homes for Christmas. More and more families are taking advantage of these days to come together and share this very special moment. For this reason, we are going to take this opportunity to talk about the trends in decoration and interior design that we must take into account this year.
Architecture and interior design go hand in hand in every office project. One cannot be understood without the other, especially if we take into account how the working models have evolved and continue to evolve, in which communication and teamwork are increasingly favoured. Companies are increasingly valuing spaces for meetings, lighting, the presence of green areas, etc.
The working models have evolved irreversibly, with the aesthetic and practical development of working environments taking special importance.
If you have the chance to make a long trip at the beginning of December, don’t hesitate! Miami Art Week is a fantastic and highly recommended trip for contemporary art lovers.
WELL Building Standard is the main standard for interior spaces and communities that seek to implement, validate and measure characteristics that back and improve general health and human wellbeing. ¿Did you know that we spend 90% of our life inside buildings? ¿Did you know that these spaces can be up to 5 times more polluted than… (+)
Art and lighting are essential values at Gärna Studio. I’ve already talked about the former many times, but it would be interesting to analyze the latter in detail. It is obvious that lighting can bring drama, mystery, tenderness, coldness or sophistication to a room in your house, something that will always end up influencing our… (+)
Ebony wood, burgundy, the Val de Loire… Inspiration and trends in interior design proposals for autumn 2017/28 Gärna Studio (www.garna.es) points to some very eclectic interior design proposals, whose stroll through the trends remain very in tune with Laura Gärna’s vision of her work as an architect, in which she defends her creative freedom in… (+)
Madrid is a very interesting city because it is experiencing a very powerful boom in art, design, and fashion. It is as if it wanted to recover the values that once elevated it to an international avant-garde destination. It is common to detect in much international media the indication of how Madrid today is essential… (+)
Paris in September… I just got back from Maison et objet. And more inspired than ever! This time, in addition to visiting the fair, the whole team of Gärna Studio have wandered around the city and enjoyed the elegance of Paris, its lifestyle, the shops, cafés, its exquisiteness, and its beauty… I would like to… (+)
GÄRNA Homes, is one of our specialties: we present ourselves to the market and sell refurbished and decorated houses. All of them are located in prime areas, using the latest technologies with top quality finishes. In this case, a collaboration with UXBAN resulted in taking charge of the integral reform of this house of contemporary style… (+)
Between the 8th and 12th of June, the space Decor Acción, organized by the magazine Nuevo Estilo, will be open to the public in the Las Letras district of Madrid, where more than 200,000 visitors are expected. The architecture and interior design studio GÄRNA Studio is taking part in this initiative with a project commissioned by… (+)
GÄRNA Studio inaugurates in Casa Decor a space that recreates the eccentric atelier of the Marquesa Casati, the great muse of the Belle Èpoque. The architecture and interior design studio GÄRNA STUDIO  have created what could have been Marquesa Casati’s atelier, in this case for Casa Decor, which in this edition is located in Madrid,… (+)
China has been my great discovery this year! I had always dreamed of traveling there and now that my friends Coro and Mat live there, it was the ideal occasion. I went in July of this year and found even more inspiration and artistic influences than I expected. What surprised me the most was the… (+)
We love to travel. When we do it with eyes different from those of a tourist, we discover an infinity of new corners, colors, and shapes that fill us with inspiration. Whenever I can, I take advantage of it and escape for a weekend to some new place, and this time I have gone to… (+)
There is an element of great importance in the world of decoration and interior design, and this is what I would like to talk to you about. If we talk about big changes in a space with the fewest number of elements and the maximum results, we talk about wallpaper. This is an element that… (+)
This is the motto that Maison et Objet has used as a slogan. For me, Maison et Objet is a special week of the year, in which I traveled with my team to Paris to immerse us in trends, inspiration and to spend a few days in which we stopped all the projects, works and… (+)
Are you an artist or a collector? At the ARCOmadrid fair, I don’t know how many times I have heard this phrase between two people who have just met. We know how difficult it is to get started in the world of contemporary art; of course, two things are required: courage and knowledge. When we… (+)
With almost three decades of work behind them, it is yesterday afternoon, March 1st, 2017, when the work of Rafael Aranda, Ramón Vilalta and Carme Pigem receives the Pritzker Prize. This award is the most important worldwide in the field of architecture and has been awarded to the firm RCR Arquitectes, integrated by the trio… (+)
This year the country invited to the most important contemporary art fair in Madrid, ARCOmadrid, has been Argentina. We have all seen and heard about the reception that Spain has given to President Macri and Mrs., but who have been the artists, collectors, and patrons who have come from the other side of the pond?… (+)
Design and decoration lovers, how many times have you met this piece of furniture that we see above these lines? Although many are surprised, this sofa called Labios (Lips) is the work of our wonderful Salvador Dalí in 1936. Although we find it hard to believe, it is inspired by the face of actress Mae… (+)
Although it seems that this type of salon follows the rule of “anything is good enough”, I assure you that even the smallest corner is meticulously cared for. In the ’80s this model of decoration emerged, known under the name of “Memphis style“, as a reaction to the design that predominated at the time. Today,… (+)
Gärna’s participation in a report for El Confidencial. Discover the full interview for El Confidencial where Laura Gärna shares her opinion and expertise on Los Alquileres para Altos Ejecutivos in Madrid. Enjoy the full interview!   To read the full story click here  
Hans J Wegner, the chair master. Light, attractive, comfortable, functional… this is how the Wishbone chair created by Hans J. Wegner in 1950 is valued throughout the world. And why are we talking about this chair? We have seen this chair in many decorations, and this model has become a reference in the interior design… (+)
  Who said terraces are only for summer? We, who knew that winter would offer us som spring-like days? This is not a seasonal terrace. The days of winter and cold are not over, nor will they be, but we can use heating elements and materials to help us withstand the cold and enjoy the… (+)