7 Trends that will be huge in interior design in 2020

As we start a new year it is essential to take into account the latest style lines that will define the design and interior design of homes this coming year. All of them are a sure bet to improve the quality of life and harmony in 2020. Do you want to be up to date with these trends? We invite you to read this summary shared by Laura Gärna, interior designer, architect and CEO of Gärna Studio. The interior designer is clear about it, “in 2020 we must eliminate the banal and opt for the singular in materials, objects, lighting and currents“.

Tendencias en interiorismo de viviendas 2020

Keep it organized: Against past decades, when we used to save and collect stuffs, no-a-days we are more conscious about following tendencies such as Kaizen, from Japan, which provide usorganization techniques that help us in order to enjoy a calm home. Less quantity and more quality, that is, incorporating important objects that make you happy.

Sustainability: Laura confesses to us that she is “supporting the idea of getting away from all the synthetic things and recover noble and original materials, like the wood, a timless material which has recently taken a great standing, both in pavements and cladding”. In Gärna Studio, the oak, the birch, the maple or the ash are essentials because they provide warmness. Besides, we always demand a quality certificate from all the suppliers.

Stones: There is no greater beauty in all the materials like the natural stones. In 2019 we travelled to Verona to the Marmo+Mac fair with the aim of acquiring stones from Iran, Italy, Greece or China. They are such as jewelrys and in most of the cases, the project´s souls because they grow according to them.

Tendencias en interiorismo de viviendas 2020

Colors: Those that allude to nature. However, there is a clear tendency to use colour with a capital letter. Every year there are tones that are a trend, but it results obvious that grey, black or white tones have began a war against live colours in different palettes, where the warm tones win. We don’t want a house that looks like a museum, but rather welcoming spaces.

Stainless steel: It is totally banished, although brass or copper are still booming.

Tendencias en interiorismo de viviendas 2020

Lighting: We bet for indirect light where the fount of light remain hidden , which provides warmth, for example through lighting fixtures or lamps whose lighting provides calm, temperance.

Tendencias en interiorismo de viviendas 2020 Oficina Colonial BCN

Handmade: In the furniture and objects because their value grows every day. I am referring to pieces that come from manual work and that move away from mass production.