Arco Madrid 2017. Just Loving Art

Are you an artist or a collector? At the ARCOmadrid fair, I don’t know how many times I have heard this phrase between two people who have just met.

We know how difficult it is to get started in the world of contemporary art; of course, two things are required: courage and knowledge. When we say value, we are not referring to the purely economic part (which of course influences), we are talking about a conceptual value. On the one hand, it is necessary to “speak” the language of art, understand it and enjoy it; on the other hand, this language does not have easy access, nor is it accessible to everyone.

As for knowledge, I like to think that we all know what we like and don’t like. So when we think of small-scale art, let’s listen to our inner self. In the world of art, there is no such thing as pretty or ugly. I like it or I don’t like it.

Contemporary art, like contemporary dance, has the purpose of being transmitted. The most important thing is the emotion, the sensation and what the work produces inside us. Is it obligatory to be a collector to value art? Absolutely NO. There are many people who enjoy art in all its states and the ARCOmadrid fair welcomes very well different disciplines, but it is not obligatory to be a collector.

We find only two profiles: those who work it (artists, dealers, gallery owners…) and those who enjoy it (collectors, other artists and the general public).

It is clear that there are fashions in art; we must not forget that art is a direct and representative reflection of today’s society and how it feels. The most important thing at the time of buying is to go acquiring objects and current works that combine and fit with the furniture and atmospheres that we already have.

So, if you’ve been to ARCOmadrid and you’ve been left with a desire, don’t think about it and throw yourself into it. Buy art and enjoy it!