Art in Autum

Madrid is a very interesting city because it is experiencing a very powerful boom in art, design, and fashion. It is as if it wanted to recover the values that once elevated it to an international avant-garde destination. It is common to detect in much international media the indication of how Madrid today is essential to discover and bet on the talent that, surely, will soon stand out in the international art world.

This is a passion that I always share when I meet artist Grillo Demo, who collaborated with Gärna Studio in the last edition of Casa Decor, and whose work is already part of our walls. That is why in Gärna Studio we also work as a gallery since many clients ask us for advice, for example, in the acquisition of work by artists such as Santiago Picatoste or Ismael Lagares.

However, I always like to remember that it is the works of art that bring soul to spaces, which is why for me they turn out to be the epicenter on which to begin to design them.


The new course is ideal to start researching when, how and why to start nurturing our artistic interest and, above all, the idea of building a small art collection.

The calendar of exhibitions starts with strength, such as those planned by museums such as the Reina Sofia or Caixa Forum, but it is always interesting to investigate and/or visit small galleries or artists’ studios with which to encourage our concern.

This capacity becomes more acute as long as we have had the desire to read or even be able to find out through platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest what currents are on the rise inside for new collectors.

It has never been easier to buy art. In the last twenty years, a lot of web addresses have emerged that sell contemporary art, from small galleries to big auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s.  I like to be surrounded by beautiful works of art and, of course, I am passionate about researching and supporting emerging artists because over time their style evolves and adapts to my lifestyle in a very natural way. Artists such as Rafa Macarrón, Santiago Picatoste, Ismael Lagares, Lindsay Mapes or Joselu Montejo are passionate.

My recommendation comes from the idea of defining a style that is very personal, that defines the discourse that each one wants to establish through their own collection. Therefore, another option is to visit the website, owned by Enrique del Rio, a great advisor for all those who want to start their small art collection.

Laura Gärna, director of