Ché, I’m so glad you came

This year the country invited to the most important contemporary art fair in Madrid, ARCOmadrid, has been Argentina.

We have all seen and heard about the reception that Spain has given to President Macri and Mrs., but who have been the artists, collectors, and patrons who have come from the other side of the pond?

Well, there have been many artists who have been able to exhibit and share their works with the Spanish public, but on this occasion, I would like to introduce you to the porteño Eduardo Constantini (Buenos Aires, 1946). Constantini founded MALBA (Museum of Latin American Art) in 2001 in Buenos Aires.

Eduardo Constantini has been decorated with one of the “A Prizes” for Collecting that the ARCO Foundation has awarded this year. Thanks to this prize, in Madrid we will be able to enjoy a selection of his collection at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando (Calle de Alcalá 13, Madrid).

He acknowledges that his approach to the world of art was purely spontaneous and emotional. Without a doubt, art is an essential element of decoration and we interior design experts know this well.

To discover that for Constantini, art is what gives color to his life, that it has given him great satisfaction and that it is something that connects him with a special sensibility; it makes us feel very identified.


We know that MALBA arose almost by chance. This great businessman began acquiring works for pleasure and for what art indirectly transmitted to him, without understanding very well those emotions that the works provoked in his interior. It was in the ’80s when he began to invest “seriously” for MALBA.


He is a great passionate about painting but he recognizes that any work that moves him inside, that moves him internally; it also attracts him.

For Constantini, the conceptual predominates above all. He, who considers himself and feels like an independent artist, does not dare to identify himself with any concrete movement. As a good lover of art, he lets it guide him.

In addition to making us feel and move, art is undoubtedly the essential element and great protagonist in the decoration of spaces. The world of interior design knows this well and not only respects it, but there are many decorators and interior designers who, like us, sometimes develop their projects starting from and taking as a base works of art.

Art becomes the soul of spaces and is a necessary and fundamental factor in interior design and decoration.

Above all, we must never forget that, as the fabulous Kandinsky said, “The artist is the hand that, employing a certain key, makes the human soul vibrate”.

Let us love and enjoy the art that vibrates and moves us.