Gärna in Decor Acción

Between the 8th and 12th of June, the space Decor Acción, organized by the magazine Nuevo Estilo, will be open to the public in the Las Letras district of Madrid, where more than 200,000 visitors are expected. The architecture and interior design studio GÄRNA Studio is taking part in this initiative with a project commissioned by the Swedish company Ikea for versions of its room proposals with a more sophisticated concept.

GÄRNA Studio breaks new ground in order to demonstrate in its space in Decor Acción -which will be located at 9 Verónica Street– that an Ikea salon can be sophisticated and elegant, common insignia in the projects undertaken by the studio directed by Laura Gärna.

“This space is inspired by “La Grotta Azzurra”, a fascinating sea cave located on the Island of Capri. In this space we have recreated a living room with several environments (dining room, sofas, kitchen, patio), trying to reproduce what would be a real house. Among the materials, we have used we would highlight lacquers, woods of different shades and natural fabrics, such as linen and velvet. The chosen color highlights the sobriety of these materials, with a lot of greys, black and white bases, emphasizing the blue “Capri” as a complementary color, especially in crystals, resembling the transparency of the blue sea”, points out Laura Gärna.

In this way, GÄRNA Studio will offer a groundbreaking vision of Ikea’s proposals, emphasizing the importance of combining and harmonizing the pieces to achieve what each client wants.

The event Decor Acción is a real experience for the interior design sector, during which the Las Letras neighborhood becomes a popular and highly visited fair for discovering trends in decoration, and in which you can find art markets, gallery routes and studios, exhibitions of its decoration shops and all kinds of culturally very interesting and varied proposals.