Hey there Memphis!

Although it seems that this type of salon follows the rule of “anything is good enough”, I assure you that even the smallest corner is meticulously cared for.

In the ’80s this model of decoration emerged, known under the name of “Memphis style“, as a reaction to the design that predominated at the time. Today, it comes back with great strength and is a great source of inspiration for artists, interior designers, and designers.

It was Ettore Sottsass who created and motivated a collective that fled from conventions. This new group of artists bets on very colorful and risky themes. A revolution in the world of interior design that nobody expected.

Memphis invaded all fields of interior design. Furniture and decoration elements also suffered and were invaded by this new current. In this style, we find furniture with all kinds of geometric shapes, colors and textures combined in a single element.

All the elements broke with the rules and schemes until the time known. This current brought with it many admirers and, at the same time, many detractors who quickly hated this type of design. And it is that the main objective of this artistic movement was not to pass indifferent and to mark a trend.
Undoubtedly, they managed to “excite” the public and generate an opinion.

But the ultimate goal was to let the imagination run wild and to represent a different, unexpected and, as we have said, very colorful lifestyle through decoration and everyday furniture. It was undoubtedly a time to bet on colors and extreme shapes.

Many consider that this type of furniture does not have a clear utility because of its lack of comfort or practicality.

Do we have to decorate all spaces with this style or can we give Memphis touches to our homes? A maxim for us: less is more, so, details: YES; everything: NO.

If you like the style, but don’t dare with everything, we recommend that you give simple touches with elements that are not the protagonists of the spaces.

Si por el contrario eres un gran amante de este estilo; déjate guiar por interioristas profesionales. Llenar los espacios de objetos extravagantes no te llevará a lo que buscas. El Memphis es un estilo muy estudiado donde todo tiene una función específica.

Es una corriente inconformista pero con mucho estudio… así que, si te ha gustado, ponle color a tu vida!!