How to decorate our homes this Christmas

The Constitution and the Immaculate Conception holidays begins, and with it one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the year: decorating homes for Christmas. More and more families are taking advantage of these days to come together and share this very special moment. For this reason, we are going to take this opportunity to talk about the trends in decoration and interior design that we must take into account this year.

The most traditional Christmas is still the favourite of many, where green, red and golden tones are the real protagonists. This year, “we’re back to the more classic Christmas tones, leaving behind the metallic trend that predominated in other years”, as María Barreiro, interior designer at Gärna Studio Gallery, explains to us.

This is a date in which great emotions are transmitted such as dreams, illusion, magic, tradition, etc., and all this must be reflected in our decorative and lighting bet. Therefore, we can not fail to notice and take as a reference the elegance and grandeur of cities such as New York or Vienna.

In fact, one of the highlights of Christmas in New York is the lighting of the Rockefeller Center tree, where a natural fir tree serves as the embodiment of the Christmas spirit. This event is a clear reflection of how elegance and the commitment to natural materials converge in a great dream. Such was the lighting experienced last night in the Big Apple:

The city of Vienna is another great example in which tradition and elegance converge to achieve an admirable result. Christmas markets are truly a thousand-year-old tradition in which carved wooden pieces, red tones and lights fill the corners of these cities together with Christmas carols. Undoubtedly, a magical place to find the perfect details to take us to our homes.

viena mercado navidad

Santa Claus, reindeer, tin soldiers, red holly, eucalyptus, firs and Scottish print are part of a collection full of accessories and complements inspired by the classics of always for those more nostalgic and that returns to stay this Christmas!

Also, don’t forget to fill every corner with light. We recommend you to take into account these ideas of Nuevo Estilo magazine.