The importance of art in offices

Gärna offices interiorismo y arte

The working models have evolved irreversibly, with the aesthetic and practical development of working environments taking special importance. For this reason, nowadays it is essential to incorporate art, which starts with the design and interior design itself and continues with the incorporation of artistic pieces in the different spaces. In fact, more and more large real estate companies are buying office buildings and investing in developing their own design and image in order to position and differentiate themselves from the rest of the existing offer on the market.

Inspiration from art is a constant in the work of GÄRNA, where the balance between contemporary and classic design is persistently sought. For Laura Gärna, “art is essential, it is what brings soul to spaces. I have a weakness for it, from an oil painting to a sculpture, a photograph… It’s never missing in our work”. For this reason, GÄRNA positions itself as a benchmark studio in the design of office buildings with a characteristic and differentiating design.

One of our latest projects has been Carrer de Granada 150 in Barcelona, next to Glòries Square, one of the most prime areas of the Condal capital. The building is one of the most important of the real estate company Colonial in Barcelona.

Gärna offices interiorismo y arte

Carrer de Granada 150 is a project in which GÄRNA has worked in the different common areas of the building. Inspired by its 100-metre-long façade covered with ceramic tubes in green and raw tones, from the studio we have designed a made-to-measure carpet weighing 400kg and 20m long that functions as the main thread of the interior design project in which the warm tones, the Nanómetro company lighting, the combined spaces of high and low tables and the copper-coated metal flowerpots stand out.

Gärna offices interiorismo y arte
Art is the unrivalled protagonist of the main reception of the building. The mobile sculpture of the artist Leandro Alonso, who has designed and produced individually  this work for this lobby that gives character and personality.
Gärna offices interiorismo y arte

This space is a meeting point for the 2,000 people who work in the different renowned technology companies that make up this building. The carpet is the protagonist and gives an enveloping sense of harmony in which it has been used to distribute areas in which to work in a different environment. This lobby has a pictorial work in also warm tones designed by Fernando de Ana that serves as a differentiating brushstroke of this space.

Gärna Art Gallery Fernando de Ana
Another of the great emblems of the Colonial real estate company in Barcelona is the El Dau building on Avenida Diagonal. For this project, at GÄRNA we have made a commitment to two of our differentiating features: the use of noble materials such as stone, and art, which fills these spaces with charisma, character and personality of its own. Fernando de Ana’s work is the protagonist of this warm lobby which is given a special distinction.
The Dau is named for its regular architectural lines, being built with high-end materials and quality finishes. At GÄRNA we have once again taken the design of its façade into account when planning the interior design and art project, the straight line being the evident protagonist of each element.