Improve the lighting of your home

Art and lighting are essential values at Gärna Studio. I’ve already talked about the former many times, but it would be interesting to analyze the latter in detail.

It is obvious that lighting can bring drama, mystery, tenderness, coldness or sophistication to a room in your house, something that will always end up influencing our mood.

Betting on soft light, always in line with the light tones of the walls, will achieve an effect of grandiosity to a small space, something that contrasts in the wrong idea that ensures that choosing powerful lighting in a room of large proportions is the right choice.

Lighting does not always achieve the same effect in different spaces. For example, lights that are installed in a general way, i.e. ambient, should take into account that their brightness should be comfortable for the eye.

On the other hand, if we opt for a version more focused on specific points, we must know that its purpose is to perform tasks such as reading or cooking.


Particularly, I play a lot with the aesthetic lights, since they help to give importance to works of art, decorative objects that we want to highlight. Sometimes, the spaces are so complex that these tricks are not enough and need the treatment of an expert to maximize the potential of brightness and take full advantage of the room. And often not so much because of the effect we can achieve, but also because of the enormous savings that can be made with the right installation.

Laura Gärna, director of