Let’s talk about design, let’s talk about Dalí

Design and decoration lovers, how many times have you met this piece of furniture that we see above these lines? Although many are surprised, this sofa called Labios (Lips) is the work of our wonderful Salvador Dalí in 1936.

Although we find it hard to believe, it is inspired by the face of actress Mae West, hence its name. The reality is that the sofa was created as a consequence of the work “Mae West’s Face that can be used as a surrealist apartment

In the scenography we appreciate several elements of decoration with a very important load of design: the nose forms a chimney, the eyes are two pictures next to the lit fire and the lips are the famous sofa.

The sofa was made of wood and satin. The author sought and emphasized his interest in finding the brightest satin fabric on the market (or what he could find) to represent the brightness and intensity of Mae West’s lipstick.

During the artist’s lifetime, only five sofas were made. One of them can be found in the artist’s museum in Figueras (Catalonia).
It is interesting to visit the museum because there we can appreciate the application of the principles of surrealism in terms of decoration.

We agree that this sofa is very Kitch, but looking for a suitable environment and place; it quickly becomes a marvelous decorative object.

For lovers of design and interior design, it is always very interesting for us to work with different styles and for each decoration project to become a challenge.
Undoubtedly, these “lips” of Mae West are essential in the memory of those of us who design spaces daily.