Maison et objet Paris. Way more than a fair

This is the motto that Maison et Objet has used as a slogan. For me, Maison et Objet is a special week of the year, in which I traveled with my team to Paris to immerse us in trends, inspiration and to spend a few days in which we stopped all the projects, works and tasks of all kinds from day to day in the studio to focus on what we are most passionate about design and decoration.

This year we have been five people from Gärna Studio capturing the latest trends to be able to analyze the market and implement what we have learned in the projects we have on the table …
And ten eyes see more than two!
It’s a week of reflection that we all love and enjoy…

The conclusion we have drawn is that this year we will see a very pastel color palette. Pale pink, greens, and tones like lead blue are going to be the protagonists of this year. All on a great neutral base that is acquires a great protagonist
The combination of black and green is maintained from years ago, with a lot of nature in the interiors, and we have seen a lot of mint green, as you know chosen by Pantone as the color of the year at the end of December.

After a brief attempt by some brands to implant copper, it disappears and gives way to brass, which is present in almost all firms, whether in furniture, lighting, etc…

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that shines very easily when polished. In GÄRNA we love it, and it seems to us that it fits perfectly in decorations of many different styles, more classic, minimal, contemporary.
Thus, this year we will see in our decorations and furniture designs a lot of brass. I have always found it very interesting to play with the shine of this metal when designing and decorating. So, brass, you are welcome!

But not everything is going to be metal, 2017 shows a trend that leads us to very noble and natural-looking materials such as washed woods, fibers, and marbles. The marble also appears in many pieces, lighting, furniture, specifically, we will see it in ornaments that will take an important role in design projects in pieces such as vases and bathroom accessories.


As mentioned before, Maison et objet is not just a fair. Last night, after visiting Paris Deco off, we had our dinner at the end of the Gärna Studio fair; for this we chose a restaurant that we were passionate about and we recommend you both for architecture, decoration and atmosphere and of course a delicious meal, with incredible views over the Eiffel Tower … it is called Monsieur Bleu, is located in the magnificent building of the Palais de Tokyo, the work of our beloved colleague Joseph Dirand … super recommendable! We enjoyed the whole team as children.

This and much more is what we bring from Paris to Madrid…the world of Interior Design is exciting…we will continue traveling to look for inspiration for our projects…and we will share it with you!

With love,
Laura Gärna