Gärna homes UXBAN

GÄRNA Homes, is one of our specialties: we present ourselves to the market and sell refurbished and decorated houses. All of them are located in prime areas, using the latest technologies with top quality finishes.

In this case, a collaboration with UXBAN resulted in taking charge of the integral reform of this house of contemporary style in the heart of the city.

Located in the Salamanca district, it is located on a fourth floor, with a beautiful viewpoint overlooking Ayala Street. We find housing with an extraordinary luminosity, with 150 m2 distributed in great diaphanous and current zone of receipt in an only environment that integrates lounge, dining room and kitchen. A courtesy toilet completes the day area.

In the most private area, there are three bedrooms: the master bedroom with dressing and bathroom en suite and two additional bedrooms that share a complete bathroom.

Situated in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods of Madrid, it becomes a great attraction for lovers of interior design.

Here we can observe the before and after work done on this home.