What to take into account in an interior design project for offices

Architecture and interior design go hand in hand in every office project. One cannot be understood without the other, especially if we take into account how the working models have evolved and continue to evolve, in which communication and teamwork are increasingly favoured. Companies are increasingly valuing spaces for meetings, lighting, the presence of green areas, etc.

Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about our constant search for beauty, for creating timeless and functional spaces, for the aesthetic vindication of art, which lately appears denigrated by the concept and why all this has, in addition, a scientific meaning.


We spend more than 90% of our time in enclosed spaces, so the spaces in which we live, work and relax greatly impact our health, well-being and productivity. Therefore, in GÄRNA we design for the well-being of the person, always placing the person in the center. When undertaking a new project, we always seek to understand the client’s needs. There is no point in working on a groundbreaking design if it is not going to be functional or if it is going to mean constantly changing the materials.

The architecture depends on the use, and the use depends on the distribution and furnishing of the spaces. Lately we have heard talk of terms such as bio-construction, which places individuals at the centre of architectural projection, taking into consideration their basic needs for health, dignity and physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being, beyond techno-physical demands. An example of this is the project we are working on in Madrid for the Neinver Headquarters.

Render Neinver Headquarters in Madrid. Ongoing project Gärna Offices:

In addition, all of our office projects are executed and delivered with Well Certification, which takes into account all of these parameters.


The WELL Certification is the first certification focused exclusively on the health and comfort of users. This certification is responsible for measuring and monitoring the characteristics of the built spaces that impact on the health and welfare of occupants, which are many more than we a priori could have in mind.

As we talked about at the beginning of this article, the new working models not only make us spend many hours of our life in the offices, but also try to promote more and more teamwork.

In this image you can see the areas that measure the WELL Certification:


Our design principles take into account that the result is always functional and welcoming, so each design takes into account the person. In the offices we spend many hours of our lives, so many that having a welcoming atmosphere is important to feel good and perform more and better. Therefore, these are our principles that we apply to each project:

  • ATEMPORARY SPACES: For us it is essential that all our designs are functional and timeless, with materials that do not have to be renewed every few years for having gone out of fashion or being of low quality.
  • NATURAL MATERIALS: Making use of materials such as stone, wood, etc. is one of the most characteristic features we have.
  • CIRCADIAN LIGHTING: According to the hours of the day; to natural lighting. It favors the warmth of the spaces, making much more comfortable the day to day of the occupants in those spaces.
  • ECO-ARQUITECTURE: More green areas. Experts affirm that including plants and green spaces reduces stress.
  • ART: Having works of art enhances the creativity of employees, makes spaces more welcoming.

These are some examples of how in GÄRNA we bet on these principles:

John Taylor luxury real estate in Madrid:

Colonial Real Estate Ciudad de Granada in Barcelona:

Private Banking Headquarters in Zurich:


As you can see from these examples, at GÄRNA we have always been committed to the inclusion of art in our projects. As a consequence, during all these years we have encountered two parallel realities: on the one hand, young artists with great potential, unable to enter the complex art market; and on the other, a growing public increasingly interested in acquiring works of art, without knowing exactly how or where to do it.

With the desire to serve as a link between these two realities we have created GÄRNA ART GALLERY, a versatile and modern space located in Callejón de Jorge Juan 12, whose soul is composed of paintings, sculptures and photographs of a select group of emerging artists. In short, a space in which we offer ourselves as a platform where artists can coincide with quality and projection, with anyone who wants to experience those sensations that only art can transmit.

We invite you to come and meet us!