Terraces are also a winter season perk!


Who said terraces are only for summer? We, who knew that winter would offer us som spring-like days? This is not a seasonal terrace.

The days of winter and cold are not over, nor will they be, but we can use heating elements and materials to help us withstand the cold and enjoy the fresh air.


Using elements such as teak wood (highly recommended for its impermeability) and warm elements such as hair blankets, we get a wonderful very enjoyable winter terrace.

As far as coloring is concerned, we recommend using bright colors that combine with each other and at the same time provide a touch of light.

We love to use mustard in our projects. In addition to being one of the fashionable colors that is surpassing the passing of the years, as far as decoration is concerned, it a timeless color that resists leaving the trend positions.

Plants, flowers, trees… We are fascinated by natural elements in general; and that is that adding natural touches in our decoration, we will achieve two things: bring life to space and implement notes of color.

You have to be very careful when choosing natural elements. Value the luminosity of the terrace, the temperatures and season of each plant so that they look and do not suffer. In Gärna we have a team of landscapers with whom we design all the green spaces of our projects and we are fascinated by living nature.

In terms of color, what can we say? Nature is by definition color and does not understand limits. We recommend that you take into account the colors of the decorative elements so that they fit and combine in harmony.

Attention to furniture! Our advice is to let yourself be advised by professionals because it is very important to decide which materials to use so that they are functional and last over time.
Let’s remember that in addition to functional, they must meet the expectations of design and beauty that we hope to make our terrace appetizing and invite you to spend time there.