Trends for Autum 2017/18

Ebony wood, burgundy, the Val de Loire… Inspiration and trends in interior design proposals for autumn 2017/28

Gärna Studio ( points to some very eclectic interior design proposals, whose stroll through the trends remain very in tune with Laura Gärna’s vision of her work as an architect, in which she defends her creative freedom in a sector that continues to be governed by fashions.

“I like to work on different conceptual projects, outside of fashion, and create timeless projects that my clients are passionate about. My professional background has helped me to have a very open and passionate vision of the world. I am fortunate to have traveled a lot and to have lived and studied in several countries, which has filled my retina and my visual memory with many references, styles, and different influences”, confesses Laura Gärna.

“If I have to bet on where we like to mark our line of work for this season, it comes to mind and evokes a lot the aesthetics of the chateaus of the Val de Loire, in France, its landscapes, the chromatic ranges…
of their vineyards or the sensory experience of tasting burgundy,” he says. “I’m a fanatic of art, and perhaps that’s why I bet on white as a neutral background for my works, on which I’m experimenting with different chromatic ranges and different colors, lately I like to imagine the result of tonalities like the
burgundy, water green, and turkey blue is a palette that reminds me very much of my admired Francis Bacon”.

“Materials? I bet on a season in which we are working a lot with ebony wood and brass, which I love for their refinement in interior design. In the next few days, I’m going to New York because the architecture of the Big Apple is inexhaustible support for research and building an idea for the new season.
“In our studio, we are passionate about designing our own pieces for the projects we have in our hands, but we also bet on antique pieces, such as lamps from the beginning of the century or armchairs that
bring personality and elegance to our projects.