GÄRNA is an Architectural and Interior Design Studio that has been carrying out housing and office projects since 2007.  Based in Madrid in the Barrio de Salamanca, we design, reform, build and decorate spaces from their conception and initial distribution, until the last details.

Our design philosophy is guided by the need to create spaces and decorations of excellent quality. Therefore, all our projects share the same goal, which is to considerably increase the return on investment made by our customers, as well as their quality of life, which leads us to optimize all the resources we are given.

The relationship between Architecture and Interior Design is fundamental and for GÄRNA, they are the same thing. A building cannot be understood without its interior, just as a person cannot be understood without his personality. Our close relationship with the client leads us to advise and explain that the architecture depends on the use, and the use depends on the distribution and furnishing of the spaces.


At GÄRNA we work to extract the maximum potential from each space, always respecting the original character of the building. Architecture would not exist without the Real Estate sector, as it is always necessary to have a base from which to start, that can even be a building or a plot of land. We are specialised in identifying potential sites and, through our work, we make them profitable by increasing their initial value. This is an investment channel that we also offer to our clients.

Our in-depth knowledge of Madrid’s prime market allows us to advise our clients on the best locations according to their needs and, whenever they wish, we also help them in the commercialization of the final product to position it in the market.



At GÄRNA we like to maintain a close relationship with our clients, helping them to fulfil their dreams with the same enthusiasm from the first day to the last.

We have a highly international profile, which makes our partners and foreign clients feel comfortable making their investments in our country.

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